I'm about to commence my third degree year in Music Technology I did this to improve my technological knowledge to help make the sonics of my productions/songs the best they could be.

As I have always been interested in the more spiritual aspects in life I thought I would combine music/sound and spirituality by doing my dissertation on the healing aspects of sound and vibration. I began researching the waveforms associated with the seven chakras both modern day and historically.

I invited a friend who is a Reiki master to listen to these to see if indeed she could pin the sounds/tones to each Chakra. Some she could and some she couldn't. we continued to explore the harder to identify ones.

I then put them all together with the idea of being able to rebalance the chakras. What I found when listening to this noise (and it is noise) was that I was able to meditate for longer. Previously I was managing about 5 minutes but with this sound I was able to meditate for much longer, easily 40 minutes. The Reiki Master found she was able to rebalance her Chakras quiet easily. I've put this sound on my website, its best to use good headphones as some of the frequencies are low. I don't know how useful this will be to people that don't meditate but I will be interested to see if it's at all beneficial, those that do meditate and have a go with this, I would be massively grateful for your feedback positive and negative as I will be able to use this as research for my dissertation due in May 2021. I'm sure as I do more research there will be other things to explore too.

The Chakra meditation is in the subscription part of my site so it will cost £2 for a month, but cancelling the subscription afterwards is easy enough  subscribe 

Have a great day and Namaste 



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