Piano Tuition


Piano Tuition


Beginner to advanced

1. ½ hour £20

2. ¾ hour £25

3. 1 hour £30


Why is learning to play piano beneficial for kids?


Learning a musical instrument teaches the child to focus, concentrate and learn patience. It enables them to understand that through practice and perseverance they can realise their goals and indeed the concept of goal setting. The realising of goals can then boost self-esteem and confidence which are very necessary tools to take forward for success and fulfilment in life. As are the time management skills (setting time aside each day for practice).

Learning an instrument can also encourage them to take on board constructive criticism for the benefit of self-improvement. At Brown University in Rhode Island (The centre for the study of human development) a study by Martin F Gardiner and his colleagues found that “specialised musical training in specific increments toward greater difficulty boosted second graders maths skills significantly above their peers”. Gardiner continues to explain that the learning of a new skill can help with the ability to learn other new skills through mental transfer. 


There are also benefits as an adult.


A 2013 article published by the National Library of medicine found that practising the piano can actually help treat depression and alleviate stress in elderly adults. Learning a new skill promotes concentration which is a form of meditation, plus it’s fun. 


I can teach either classical or contemporary Piano for fun or take my students through their grades to show academic learning, this is sometimes a good route as there are pre-defined goals on the journey to excellence.  

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