I was born in Leeds in 1966 and am a 
classically trained pianist. I started playing piano at the age of 4 and achieved my grade 8 with distinction at 13 years of age 

I also did a lot of acting as a child appearing in Sam, Z cars,The Extaordinary People Show, Intensive Care
(Alan Bennet play) and Threads.

After leaving school I studied at The Leeds College of Music. I then went on to tour Europe in a Rock covers band playing the US bases. These were fun and crazy times for me and really helped me cut my teeth on how to perform.
Knowing there was no future playing covers for musical self expression, I moved to London and joined a band playing their own songs, these were tough  times financially as venues don't pay bands playing their own material, in fact it used to cost us £150 every time we gigged, however I learned about writing songs and song structure and developed a love for creation and indeed the whole creative process. It was towards the end of this period I started a family having my first child (a daughter) I would later have a son too.
Due to family commitments and a lack of company interest in the band, I moved back to Leeds and picked up playing in cover outfits to bring in some money. But my creative itch didn't seem to be going away.

Whilst living in Leeds I met up with the Ex FM manager who was managing and producing a great singer called  Anita Madigan. I joined her band as a keyboard player and eventually started writing songs with her. We started developing a fan base locally and the experience culminated in getting in the last 8 for the Eurovision song contest (which was a big deal for me then) with a track called "I wish you were here" (I don't even have a copy of that anymore) we also won the heats and played live on Jonathon Ross's 'Big Talent Show' with a  gospel track called 'I Love Him Too'. We were offered a deal with Virgin at the time but the manager turned it down thinking we had enough traction to go it alone, but in hindsight that was a mistake, he misjudged the amount of money and connections it took to bring a band to market in those times. Sadly the project ended, however it gave me some great experience and valuable knowledge in the studio, it also gave me confidence in my ability as a writer so I decided to invest in myself and bought some recording equipment so I could continue pursuing my writing and improve my productions. 

Not long after leaving Anita, I was offered a job as a keys player with Mickey Finns T-Rex, playing alongside Mickey, and some other ex members from Marc Bolans band (Paul Fenton and Jack Green). I still play with the band now even though Mickey sadly passed away, he was a creative soul and lovely man although a victim of the business financially and health wise. From playing with this band it opened the door for me to earn a modest living being a musician, and  play with 'The Glitter Band', 'The Original Seventies PAPERLACE' and 'The Original JukeBox Heroes' I've also gigged with 'John Parr' 'Smokie' and 'Les McKeowns Bay City Rollers' but my love would always be with creation.
I've written songs for Tinka (Soraya Vivian) Twin, Kay Louise Watts, Fy8,The Lords, Nick Page and an Album for Aureya Rose, I've also written songs with Steve Chrisanthou (Corrine Bailey Rae) Mike Terry (Steelworks, Blue, Top Loader) Nigel Wilson (Fame Academy) Andy Spence (Sony)

I formed a writing team in 2010 called 'KDN productions' with former Fame Academy runner up Nigel Wilson and Kay Louise Watts, we wrote some really nice tracks but a lack of marketing skills eventual took our momentum. Being self taught on my own equipment I had a lack of faith in the sonic quality of my recordings so was reluctant to push them too hard. With this in my mind I decided to go for a degree in music technology to redress this perceived  imbalance, I'm just about to start my second year and it seems to be working.
I have just started writing with Kay and Nigel again and we're just about to release a song 'I Don't Care' through a new record company based in Australia, who are also going to release one of my own songs 'Here In The Dark' So hopefully tenacity and a love and belief in what I'm capable of will someday pay dividends. I am in the process of recording my own album as well as working with Kay and Nigel.