Hi, I’m David Major - keyboard player, songwriter and music producer. My career in the music industry has spanned decades, seeing me both up on stage and in the studio and taking me all over the world. 

Classically Trained Pianist 

I figured out early on that I had a natural knack for music. By the age of 13, I was already a classically trained pianist with grade 8 under my belt. When I finished school, I enrolled in the Leeds College of Music to really refine my understanding of music theory and get started on building a career in the industry. 

Playing Stadiums & Arenas 

As a keys player and singer, I’ve performed to sold-out audiences all over the world with Mickey Finn’s T-Rex, Paperlace (Phil Wright’s Original 70s Paperlace) and the Glitter Band. Although I’m classically trained, I can put my hand to almost anything and have worked as a session musician on a range of great projects. 

 Writing & Producing For 15 Years 

Playing in bands helped me develop a real ear for writing and production. I started working with the likes of Mike Terry (Toploader, Blue) and Steve Chrysanthou (Corinne Bailey Rae), penning tracks for Eurovision and Pop Idol and appearing on radio and TV. Since then, I’ve helped artists across a wide range of genres write tracks and release entire albums. 

… And Always Learning 

Even with decades of experience in the industry, I knew that there was still plenty left to learn. That’s why three years ago I enrolled in a Music Technology degree (Nottingham Trent University) to polish up my production and make sure that my technical knowledge is truly at the cutting edge of the industry. 


So… What’s Next? 
After so many years of writing for other artists, I’ve recently ventured into performing my own material. I’m currently promoting my new release ‘The Beat and the Rhythm of the Earth’ (and you can check it out right here) https://youtu.be/IV_xzgA0MOM 

I also use my years of experience and technical expertise to work with artists to write, produce, tune and mix tracks. I love collaborating with people who are passionate about music and want to create something with heart and soul. 

Does it sound like we’d make a great team? Click below to get started. 

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