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In an attempt to make my passion my primary income. I’m inviting people to subscribe to my site. 


For £2 per month you will get unlimited access to my latest songs and also have the chance to vote which songs you would like me to put out onto the streaming services, so they can be added to your playlists. You’ll be able to hear 50 of the songs I’ve written, produced and co-written. If there is an old song that resonates with you and you would like me to re-visit it and apply my current production skills to make it sound better and a little more current, I would be happy to consider this as all my songs are my babies, good or bad there is a little piece of me in them. I would welcome positive suggestions and interactions.


There are lots of songs here that exist because record companies and publishers send out tip sheets for artists that are looking for new material. Maybe you could recognise which artists, from the last 15 years, that some of the songs were written for.