For those interested in meditation here is a Chakra meditation I did for a project please feel free to use it. 

The low frequency sound spectrum is good for the blood cells, they live longer when immersed in sound, especially the low frequencies as long as the sound level is kept below 85dB. Through reading the work of John Stuart Reid on cymatics, and Dr Raymond Rife on frequencies and health, (Raymond Rife work is old and is considered by most academics as woo woo). However some of the work John Stuart Reid did in 2019  whilst testing different types of music on blood flagged up some interesting conclusions that would indicate more research into  Rife's work may be beneficial, especially now we have more accurate measuring tools.  Although Rife's work was not based on sound frequencies they are still based on vibratory waveforms. 

Some work done by scientists on bin aural beats and brain wave patterns  showed some interesting conclusions. They discovered mon aural beats showed a marked difference in brain wave function although  the test subjects neither felt better or worse physically afterwards. 

It has been proven many times that meditation is beneficial to health, although many find it very difficult to accomplish and give in to the monkey mind controlling all aspects of their  lives. Those that persevere are usually on a path destined for more peace and balance.  

As the human body is a multi functioning  system, for example search the human biofield. I thought I could tie the various research into this one project. 

I had to change tack slightly and switch the whole thing to headphone use, as opposed to a controlled studio environment,  the ultra low frequencies just wouldn't come over on most peoples headphones, through minimal experimentation the test subjects said they could still manage to focus more easily on the chakras with this version.

 Please note this is not music but intentionally picked sound waves designed to resonate with each Chakra. A Schumann resonance related frequency is the base frequency that the other frequencies react to creating the mon-aural pulse. The Schumann Resonance is considered by some the frequency at which the earth resonates.  Towards the end of the meditation all the frequencies are played together for you to float freely through all the chakras. The intention of the meditation is to assist in balancing the chakras, and thus helping create a more peaceful life.