Sneak Preview 

Available to subscribers for a short time.  A sneak preview of the two new recordings I've done with The Original 70's PaperLace. One an original track I wrote with Phil called 'It's Worth It' it was on an album we sold at gigs but I've re worked it. The other track is a Mitch Murray track called 'Ragamuffin Man'. Let me know what you think. They will be available soon on the streaming services probably next month. /album/1734666/paperlace 

I Don't Wanna Bleed 

I've put a new track up called I don't wanna bleed This track started out as a dance track for an assignment at UNI and was received pretty well. However there was always something that didn't work for me. So I thought I'd do a re work. I think it's turned out quite well TBH. I love harmonies and strings so why wouldn't you use them. I also haven't set foot in a disco since I was old enough to gig (Well actually that's a lie but in todays enviroment it seems to be quite a fashion) but what I'm saying is I don't really have an affinity with dance music too much. I do however love pop tunes. 

Beat and the Rhythm Mastered 

I've just had The Beat and the Rhythm of the Earth mastered and just going through the boring process of making sure everything is registered with the correct people, before releasing it on the streaming services. It's taken me a long time to finish this track, mostly due to insecurity, hopefully I'll get quicker. This will be my second track. I have 3 more tracks that are just about ready so the trickle of tracks may increase into a lazy stream.  

A video is done too. It's another video of photographs, some very beautiful, and taken by some very talented people. The photos are accompanied by lyrics. I'm not yet brave enough to do my own proper video as I look too awkward and too old. This should be ready to view very shortly 

I've just bought a new book to help with some self development issues called  You can heal your life by Louise Hay. I'm also a massive fan of  Jordan Peterson and can watch lecture after lecture with this guy. 


My first foray into video 

I've been nagged at for ages to do a video where I've played and sung live. So I tried it, with an old song, I can never remember lyrics hence the glasses.  

I've had a few dabbles with videos in the past and it was quite a painful affair. However I actually enjoyed it this time. Apart from having to learn the new program, thank heavens for 90 day trials.  

I did this as a Birthday present for a beautiful lady Gilly Fry. She is responsible (in a good way) for my current situation which is on the top side of the happiness scale. So Happy Birthday Gilly, and thank you. 

Water In the Sand Acoustic version Video

The Beat and the Rhythm of the Earth Video 

It's been a busy week for me, Ive done a new video of 'The Beat and the Rhythm of the Earth' which will be available on the streaming services in about 2 weeks. 

I've really enjoyed and am enjoying the creative process at the moment, I feel energised by life and feel I'm on a path of self discovery, to hopefully make me a better version of myself. The likes of Jordan Peterson, Eckhart Tolle and many other books and authors of a similar ilk are a great inspiration towards this goal. 

We all have our demons, and facing them is extremely cathartic and sometimes scary. I am constantly humbled by the heroes out there that will speak out their truths for a greater good, even though they risk loosing everything in the process.  

Anyway I hope you like the track and remember, 'No matter what we say or do, No matter what they put us through, The Beat and the Rhythm of the Earths still pounding'



I'm about to commence my third degree year in Music Technology I did this to improve my technological knowledge to help make the sonics of my productions/songs the best they could be.

As I have always been interested in the more spiritual aspects in life I thought I would combine music/sound and spirituality by doing my dissertation on the healing aspects of sound and vibration. I began researching the waveforms associated with the seven chakras both modern day and historically.

I invited a friend who is a Reiki master to listen to these to see if indeed she could pin the sounds/tones to each Chakra. Some she could and some she couldn't. we continued to explore the harder to identify ones.

I then put them all together with the idea of being able to rebalance the chakras. What I found when listening to this noise (and it is noise) was that I was able to meditate for longer. Previously I was managing about 5 minutes but with this sound I was able to meditate for much longer, easily 40 minutes. The Reiki Master found she was able to rebalance her Chakras quiet easily. I've put this sound on my website, its best to use good headphones as some of the frequencies are low. I don't know how useful this will be to people that don't meditate but I will be interested to see if it's at all beneficial, those that do meditate and have a go with this, I would be massively grateful for your feedback positive and negative as I will be able to use this as research for my dissertation due in May 2021. I'm sure as I do more research there will be other things to explore too.

The Chakra meditation is in the subscription part of my site so it will cost £2 for a month, but cancelling the subscription afterwards is easy enough  subscribe 

Have a great day and Namaste 



The Beat and the Rhythm of the Earth on Spotify 


This track is now available on the streaming services. Please if you like it add to one of your playlists and if you don't like it please add it to one of your playlists. If you watch the video can you watch for more than 1.30 seconds. I'm trying to get my analytics up Ha 


 All these requests of busy people what a cheek Spotify

First Single

This is my first foray into the world of music with me as the artist, it's really scary to put yourself out there, it's also really hard to do this week as my beloved cousin passed away on the 29th May 2020. Even though he didn't like music in particular and confessed to only owning one CD, Abba's greatest hits, and that was only because he thought he ought to have at least one. :-) He non-the-less always supported me and encouraged me to do what I loved. God Bless you Mark.