Beat and the Rhythm Mastered

I've just had The Beat and the Rhythm of the Earth mastered and just going through the boring process of making sure everything is registered with the correct people, before releasing it on the streaming services. It's taken me a long time to finish this track, mostly due to insecurity, hopefully I'll get quicker. This will be my second track. I have 3 more tracks that are just about ready so the trickle of tracks may increase into a lazy stream.  

A video is done too. It's another video of photographs, some very beautiful, and taken by some very talented people. The photos are accompanied by lyrics. I'm not yet brave enough to do my own proper video as I look too awkward and too old. This should be ready to view very shortly 

I've just bought a new book to help with some self development issues called  You can heal your life by Louise Hay. I'm also a massive fan of  Jordan Peterson and can watch lecture after lecture with this guy. 


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