Sneak Preview

Available to subscribers for a short time.  A sneak preview of the two new recordings I've done with The Original 70's PaperLace. One an original track I wrote with Phil called 'It's Worth It' it was on an album we…


I Don't Wanna Bleed

I've put a new track up called I don't wanna bleed This track started out as a dance track for an assignment at UNI and was received pretty well. However there was always something that didn't work for me. So…


Beat and the Rhythm Mastered

I've just had The Beat and the Rhythm of the Earth mastered and just going through the boring process of making sure everything is registered with the correct people, before releasing it on the streaming services. It's taken me a…


My first foray into video

I've been nagged at for ages to do a video where I've played and sung live. So I tried it, with an old song, I can never remember lyrics hence the glasses.  

I've had a few dabbles with videos…


The Beat and the Rhythm of the Earth Video

It's been a busy week for me, Ive done a new video of 'The Beat and the Rhythm of the Earth' which will be available on the streaming services in about 2 weeks. 

I've really enjoyed and am enjoying…




I'm about to commence my third degree year in Music Technology I did this to improve my technological knowledge to help make the sonics of my productions/songs the best they could be.

As I have always been interested…


The Beat and the Rhythm of the Earth on Spotify


This track is now available on the streaming services. Please if you like it add to one of your playlists and if you don't like it please add it to one of your playlists. If you watch the video…